Mr. David


 Hello everyone, I am David.  I enjoy teaching since I learned about it in college, so I look forward to helping my students improve their English in a fun way. I like sports, traveling, and learning new things. Nice to meet you. 



Mr. Gian Luca


 Hello everyone, I’m Gain Luca.  I like teaching and playing with children.  And I like drawing funny manga.  Let’s have fun and learn English together.





Miss Mariel


Hello! I am Mariel and I am from the Philippines. Way back in my home country, I am a volunteer teacher in our university in order to reach out to the children. I love playing guitar, taking pictures of beautiful sceneries, and exploring new things. I hope we can learn English together in a fun way.




Ms. Harumi


Hi there!  I'm really happy to work here, because I love children.  I'm a mom of 3 kids.  I like cooking, singing, and watching TV dramas.

Let's have fun with us♪




Ms. Asako


Hello, everyone!   Let's enjoy playing  games, singing songs, doing crafts... a lot of fun here!  I like children, English and sweet things.  I'll always support you!